Halloween party favors

OREO ANTS~ What you will need.....1) Oreo cookies 2) baggies 3) pipe cleaners 4) hole re-enforcers Place the 6 cookies in a baggie, putting them is a roll of 3 stacked 2 high. The baggie needs to be the no seal kind so you can wrap the baggie back over the cookies. Next you take the pipe cleaners and wrap one cleaner in between each stack of oreos, make these look like the legs. Then another one is wrap around in the same spot as your last and brought on top and made to look like antanies. Next you use the hole re-enforcers on the as eyes. When you are done you should have a cute ant.

**Mask magic ~ This is a fun party favor that the kids can do them selves. What you will need....... 1) plain colored plastic masks 2) glitter paint 3) plastic spiders 4) pom-pom balls 5) any other decoration you would like to use. Then you let the kids decorate them. They can take silver glitter paint and draw lines on the mask like a spider web then glue a plastic spider on the mask. Take a white mask and draw 3 straight lines around each eye hole with gold glitter paint then glue pompons around the rim of the mask. Don't for get to glue a pompon on the nose of the mask. This will look like a clown.

**Vampire Parachute ~ This bat parachute is great for outdoor fun. To play, simply throw straight up as far as you can. The chute will open and float to the ground. To make this cut a piece fo black cotton fabric 22"x22" with pinking shears. Place a 2" diameter styrofoam ball in center. Gather fabric below ball and wrap neck with a rubber band. Cut black ribbon in to 4 (16") lengths. Make a double knot at 1 end of each ribbon. Thread a ribbon onto a big sewing needle. At each corner of the fabric insert the needle through the fabric to the wrong side. The knot will keep it from pulling out. Put a orange ribbon around the neck. Then glue on wiggle eyes and black ears and red fangs cut from craft foam or felt. Next insert all 4 ribbons through 1 green pony bead. Thread 10 black and 9 green beads onto each ribbon alternating them. Double knot at the ends.

Buckets of fun ~ You will need coffee cans for this party favor. You can use either small cans or large depending on how big you need it. This is a very simple craft. First you will need to punch two small holes at the top of the cans one on each side. Later you will use these holes to make your handle. You will need about 4 cans of spray paint. The color will depend on the design you pick to do. You can do anything your mind can think of, for example.. pumpkins, ghosts, frankinstine, or a Halloween design (black can with ghosts and pumpkins). For the pumpkin you would need to spray your cans orange. Once they have dried you will need to paint the face on each can. The best way to do this is to cut the shape you want the eyes and nose to be out of a sponge, the same is to be done for the mouth. Then use the sponge pieces you cut and dip them in black paint and apply to can. You would then do the mouth the same way. After you are done painting your pumpkin you will need to put a handle on the can. You can do this a number of ways. You can buy wire that is already covered with plastic or you can use bare wire and cover it you self. Either way, you will need to run the wire though the holes on either side of the can making sure that no bare ends are sticking out to poke any one. You can also use ribbon as a handle. You can use any added extra touches you wish like rolling the wet cans in glitter right after you paint them. **Thanks to Dee for this idea**

**Halloween bead critters ~ This party favor is really cute but very detailed. So, if you would like to make them e-mail me and I will send you the diagrams and directions for each character. You can make Bewitched or Bones.

Ghost suckers ~ What you will need.......... 1) toosie roll suckers 2) cheese cloth 3) liquid starch 4) a small wooden block with a small hole into one side. Cut a square of cheese cloth big enough to put over the suckers and cover them. Next lay a piece of plastic wrap over the sucker then put the sucker in the small on the block. Dip the cheese cloth squares in to the cheese cloth and lay it on the plastic wrap over the sucker. Let dry, remove the plastic then put black eyes on your ghosts with a marker.


Another good idea ~ This is a very simple idea. Take a few pieces of candy and wrap it up in a clear goodie bag with a Halloween print on them. You can also use plastic wrap that has a Halloween print on it. Then tie it up with orange and black ribbon. Then you can place the bag in a cute plastic container. You can use all kinds of things for this for example, little plastic pumpkins or ghosts, a little plastic coffin just any thing small. Oriental trading has some great small plastic containers. (They have the little coffins, I'm using them this year.) This makes a simple but cute party favor. www.oriental.com

Oriental trading ~ This is a really neat book. It has everything from pencils and erasers to crafts to costumes. Our school allows all the room moms to get their orders to gather and a member from the PTO places the order in the schools name. Maybe this is an idea for your school. You can also check your local dollar stores for great party favors.


Mini Pumpkin People ~ What you will need........ 1)Buy small pumpkin gords 2) paint Paint hai, faces and clothes, etc. on them using fabric paints. The kids love them. ~~~ THANKS TO Theresa Daniel for sending this idea in to us!

Bucket of Slime ~ What you will need........... BREW 1....1) 3/4 cup of warm water 2) 1 cup elmer's glue 3) several drops of green food coloring. Mix these ingredients in a medium-size bowl. BREW 2.... 1) 4 teaspoons borax 2) 1 1/3 cups warm water Mix these ingredients in a large bowl. Pour BREW 1 into BREW 2 but don't stir. Let it sit for 1 minute, then lift the now congealed slime out of the bowl, divide it up and so the each child has his or her own piece of slime to play with. You can also put this in a small bucket with a lid and give it as a party favor. Not for children under the age of 3.

Room Mummy party favor ~ What you will need........1) a roll of toilet tissue 2) 10 small prizes, example: plastic bugs, small erasers, small candies, pencils etc.(1 per guest). Tape a pencil to the end of the toilet tissue and start wrapping the tissue around the pencil. Wrap up a prize in the toilet tissue and continue taping prizes and wrapping them until all the prizes are wrapped up. It will not take a whole roll for each gift. One roll of tissue will do about 3 or 4 rolls depending on how much you want to roll up. Use 10 prizes in each roll. Done.

Spider suckers ~ What you will need.........1) 4 black pipe cleaners 2) suckers {the tootsie roll pops work well for this} 3) googly eyes 4) glue. Hold the four pipe cleaners in your hand and center them at the base of the pop. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the stick once so there are four legs on each side. Now bend the legs to look a spider's legs. Glue on googly eyes. Done.

Pumpkin Jars ~ A recent issue of Woman's Day had a project using Mayo jars or those of similar size and shape. You cut strips of orange tissue paper and glue them on the outside of the jar. You coat the jar with the liquid school glue and press on the paper. Then you glue green tissue paper around the top where the lid would screw on. You add some wire for a handle. You make the face with a marker or by gluing on black paper cutouts. **Thank you Jane for sending this to us.**

Popcorn Hands ~ I got a bunch of food service gloves, like the ones that they wear in the lunch room, and we filled the tips of them with Candy Corn (to look like fingernails) and then stuffed the rest of the glove with popped popcorn. Then we stapled them shut. Be careful not to fill the fingers too full, because then it won't have that "creepy, wiggly feeling!" **Thank you Angela for sending this to us.**

Halloween "drinks" ~ I bought some clear plastic cups with a Halloween decoration on them. I filled them with candy corn and some other assorted candy. Put a fancy straw or a Halloween pencil in the cup. Cover the candy with mini marshmallow and put a plastic spider on top. I usually cover them with the Halloween plastic wrap. It's supposed to look like a drink. **Thank you (screen name) Sueravey for sending this to us**

Spider Plates ~ What you will need..... 1) two black paper plates 2) glue or hot glue 3) six chenille stems/pipe cleaner that look like spider legs 4) cloths pins. On the bottom plate place the glue around the plate allowing a little extra where the leg will be. Place the legs in the spot where the glue is. Three on one side and three on the other. Then place the top place on top of of the bottom plate and legs. If you are using regular glue you will need to hold the plates togather with cloths pins. We did this at my daughters party this year and they looked really neat. You might want to place the spider on a piece of orange tissue paper so it will stand out. **Thanks to Dee for sending us this great idea**

Coffin 'O Candy ~ This was really easy. I found some clear wrap that had pictures of spiders and stuff like that printed on it at Hobby Lobby and wraped candy corn up in it. I got the small black plastic coffins from Oriental Trading and put the bags of Candy corn in the coffins. Tie the bag with some orange and black ribbon and it makes a really cute simple party favor.

"PHOTO" Stitch-A-Pumpkin ~ What You Need...........1) orange paper 2) clear plastic (example: report covers) 3) black yarn 4) permanent black marker 5) hole punch 6) scissors 7) candy corns Cut 4 to 4 1/2 inch squares of orange paper and clear plastic. You may be able to get 12 cut outs from 1 plastic cover. On the orange paper draw the shape of a pumpkin. Holding the clear plastic and orange paper together cut out the pumpkin shape. With a Permanent marker draw a face on the clear plastic . Punch holes around the edge of the pumpkin, holding the shapes together. Start at the top center of the pumpkin and make the punches about 1/4 in. apart. Lace up the shape with yarn. Leave a long tail and start sewing from the front. I recommend a whip stitch (overcast), although a running stitch may also be used. Stop about 5 holes from the end, and fill with candy corns. Finish sewing and tie a bow in the center.

"PHOTO" Spider bag-o-treats ~ Materials- 2" plastic foam ball * 5-7/8" x 6-1/2" zipper seal plastic baggie * 4 - 5" length of 1/4" wooden dowel or craft stick * Thick craft glue * Paper * pencil * scissors * ruler * paintbrush * twist-tie * Acrylic paints: black, white * Two 10mm wiggle eyes * Three 12" lengths of black chenille stem * 18" length of 1/4" black satin ribbon * Black licorice pieces or jelly beans or M&M DIRECTIONS : For body, apply glue on one end of dowel or craft stick; insert 1/2" of body into plastic foam ball (head). Use black to paint head and upper half of body. Let dry. See photo. Glue eyes on one side of head. Use white to paint a wiggle smile. Let dry. For legs, cut each chenille stem in half. Apply a small amount of glue on one end of each leg; insert three stems on each side of head side-by-side. Bend legs as shown. Use scissors to cut below zipper seal of bag. Fill bag with treats within 2"-3" from top. Insert body into center of bag. Secure bag with twist-tie 2"-3" from top of bag. Cut a 6" length from ribbon; tie ribbon in a knot over twist-tie. Tie remaining length in a 2" wide bow over twist-tie. Cut ribbon ends at a slant.

"PHOTO" Witchy Treat ~ What you will need...... 1)Black trash bag 2) Red construction paper 3) Flat green lollipops (wrapped) 4) Black yarn 5) Green yarn 6) Googly eyes 7) Glue 8) Black card stock 9) Scissors Cut a 3-inch square out of the trash bag. Secure one end of the trash bag (cape) around the top of the lollipop handle with a piece of black yarn. Glue on the googly eyes to the lollipop wrapper. Then glue the green yarn hair also to the lollipop wrapper. From the black card stock, cut out a witch's hat and glue it on top of the hair. To finish, cut out a mouth from the red construction paper and glue it into place.

Pumpkin Poop ~ Here is a cute idea I came across. Put candy corn in a baggie and tie with black or orange ribbon and attach the following poem: "I started to carve a pumpkin With my carving knife and scoop But the pumpkin got so scared He took a little poop. It looked so cute and funny Just like a candy treat So I'm sharing it with you now Because you are so sweet!" This idea was e-mailed to me.**


Create some fun by placing rubber or plastic spiders in an ice cube tray filled with water, and allow to freeze.

Here lies ...
Use mini tombstones made from black cardboard to create individual place settings with guests' names.

Frightening forest
Hang a ghost or two from a tree to welcome visitors. For school parties hang it right out side the door of the room or in the room some where. For the body, use a white sheet or large white plastic tablecloth. A volleyball makes an ideal "head," placed in the center of the sheet. Gather the sheet around the ball, tie off at the neck, allow the rest to hang. Use a waterproof marker to create eyes and mouth. Suspend ghosts with strong fishing line or picture-frame-hanging filament. (You can also make bats from black cardboard and hang them in the trees. Light 'em up at night with flash lights.)

Pumpkin pole
Build a totem pole of scary- and happy-faced pumpkins for the porch by stacking pumpkins decorated with waterproof markers. To secure pumpkins, hollow each one and place a two-by-four, or equivalent piece of wood, through the center of the totem pole. This to can be used for school.

Ghoulish grabbers
Create two scary, icy, "from the grave" hands by freezing water-filled latex gloves. (Add food coloring to the water for special effects.) Fill the gloves with water and seal the open-end securely. When nearly frozen, shape into a position that could hold something. If you freeze two hands, they could grasp a bowl of snacks. When solidly frozen, extract the hand from the glove and place on a platter on the table, as they'll start to melt. If the hands don't slip out easily from the glove, run under gentle trickle of water to separate glove from hand.

Dry ice is another great item to use for special effects. You much know how to handle and dispose of it to use at a school. If not use in the right manner it can cause serous burns.

Hey tell a friend about this site. I'm hoping to get this all over so we can get ideas from everywhere. Just think party favors from England.

send me your Halloween party ideas and I will post them for all to enjoy.

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