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Easter Party, Foods and Favors.



Easter Party Foods

* Bunny and Nest Cupcakes (click egg to see picture)

Cream Cheese Cookies

Easter Baskets and Bunnies Cupcakes

Recipe for Basket/Bunny Cupcakes

Recipe for Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Bird's Nests

Rice Crispy Bird Nests


Easter Party Favors

* The Easter Bunny's Basket (picture)

* An Easter Flower Pot (picture)

* Tissue Box Bunny (picture)

* Toilet paper Chick (picture)

Bunny Bag Party Favors

Hard Candy Wreath

Jelly Bean Carrot

Confetti Filled Eggs

Strawberry Easter Basket

* Hairy Egg (picture)

Easter Grass


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