Who could ever forget the 60's. It must have been a great time because someone is always recreating that time with a party. Here are some ideas if you chose to do a 60's Party.



Use strobe lights, lava lamps and black lights around the room.

Light the incense (if it isn't too nauseating).

Hang beads in the doorway.

Play music like TV show themes Brady bunch or the Monkees.

  Dress Code

Everyone needs to dress the part. Now days that isn't hard. As it seems the cloths of the past are back in style.

Wear your bell-bottoms and paisley.

Don't forget the beads, medallions, and head bands (which you can make using craft foam).

You can even make a fringed vest out of brown paper grocery bags.

As the guest come in, have someone at the door to put on washable tattoos.


Hang a smiley-face piñata filled with groovy prizes and candy. Have one special item that corresponds to a bigger prize, for example a 'gold' coin that is redeemable for a far-out poster.

Turn off the room lights, turn on the lava lamp and dance to some seriously groovy music. OUTASITE! Make sure it's not too dark to run the cam-corder!

  Party Favors

For a party favor make tie-dyed shirts.

Chains with peace and love signs on them.

Headbands and beaded braclets. OT has some great party favors for 60's.

As you can see we need any and all of your ideas. So chill and send them in man….