I did a beach party for my daughter's first grade class a few years ago and it turned out great. The kids really enjoy this party. We have some really neat ideas here and I hope it helps. If you do this party e-mail me and let me know how it goes.



Mail bag ideas

In this part of the page you will find ideas that I have gotten from e-mails.

Here are some great ideas from Kathy in Central, Texas.

We set up sprinklers (some of the flat hose type--it just seems safer).

We got a grocery store to donate several of those kiddie pools and we have the local fire department come and fill the pools for us. The kids love that part!

We set up sand pits for sand toys.

 Great Game ~ We set up a buried treasure pit where we bury a small toy for each student. (water squirt toys--things like that).

We set up a bubble station where we use fly swatters to dip in the bubbles. It is amazing how much bubbles you make that way.

The kids get an ice pop snack.

Everyone comes to school in swim suits.

We ask for about $1 per student and it covers everything. Donations can be had if you are willing to go begging :)

We give the kids Hawaiian leis; the teachers have been known to wear grass hula skirts.

We have an artist Mom who painted a mermaid on plywood with the face cut out for pictures; she did a beach muscle man for boys.

We also do a water balloon toss.

We do a beach party every year for our kindergartens. It takes a little organization to set up but it was so successful they have kept the same theme for several years.





  Use a fish motif to start your decorating. I found plastic fish, lobsters and starfish and used those around the room. At the same store they sold fish nets for decorating. I took some of the plastic fish and put them in the net as if they got caught. One of my Mom's had a big beach umbrella and we put it in the room. We just put it on its side. This is where we took pictures of each of the kids with the teacher. Always have a Polaroid camera handy.

  Invitation Ideas: If you use this idea for a Birthday party send out invitations on inflatable beach balls. Using permanent markers of your choice in colors, write who the party is for, where and when. That way they can bring the ball with them with the party information to find the party, and then be able to play with the beach ball when they arrive. You can pick up inexpensive beach balls at your local discount store.



  For party favors, purchase sand pales and shovels and write their names with permanent markers on them. Be creative on these too. You have a lot of room, so draw some flowers, surf boards, fish, etc. The names will help keep track of who's and they can play with these toys many more times after the party.

 You can also make beach bags. I did this and everyone enjoyed them. I went to my local fabric store and bought some bright colored material. It was a fish print. Then I just cut out a pattern from some old material and sew them up with a draw string at the top. You may be able to find a pattern in a pattern book in the fabric store.



 If you want to do more than just play at the beach, here is a fun game that involves a little fishing skill. Build a wall with a big blanket hung over it. Using a stick for the fishing pole, tie string and have a clothes line clip on the end. Have the child throw the line over the blanket wall. Have an adult or older child to help put small toys, such as stickers, rings, bracelets, fish, boats and sunglasses on the clip. Have the fisherman pull the string back over for his prize.


 You can made homemade ice cream in a coffee can (fill a l lb. can with cream and sugar and vanilla. Place in a 2 lb. can. Surround w/salt and ice - have the kids roll the can back and forth until the cream freezes).

 Put food coloring in the ice cubes and served them in lemon lime soda. Place little paper umbrellas in the drinks and of course.

  You can have a cake and decorate with a beach motif.

Hey if you have a GREAT idea or even a so-so idea, send it in. We can use every ones help.


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