How about a Pokemon party?

Here are some ideas that I got in e-mails and surfing the net.



Kiss the Pikachu

"Hot Pokeball"

"Charmander, Charmander, JIGGLYPUFF" (duck, duck, goose)

Scavenger Hunt

Pokemon trivia contest

Pokemon 20 questions

Who am I???

Pokemon puzzle

Bingo Pokemon

Decorate poke-cookies

Home made Pokemon cards

Pin the tail of Pikachu

Pokeball Hunt

Grimers Apple toss

Pick an energy card

Pokemon walk

Pokémon Toss

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Crazy Categories


Click here for game details 

Party Favors and Extras

Create Your Own Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Award Certificates

Pokemon Key Chains

A "Keepsake"

Beaded Critter Pokemon

Pikachu Name Tags

Special Photo souvenir

Pikachu Card Bags

Pikachu Yarn Bug

Pikachu Trading Card Pouch

Pikachu Piñata

Pokeball Quarter Keeper

 Click here for party favor details.


 Here's a link for some other crafts:

 And here is a link for some coloring and artwork pages :

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