Odds and Ends

What you find on this page will be things that could be done at any party. There are great ideas for Mother's Day, Birthday parties or just summer fun.



Yarn wind game- This is a GREAT game for a birthday party. You will need a ball of yarn for each child that will be coming to the party in a different color. To begin you need to tie a prize to the end of each yarn ball. Place the prizes in different areas of your house. From that point you will start unwinding the yarn ball and weave it all over the house. If you have a 2 story house weave the yarn in and out of the banster, wrap it around objects and up, over and under any thing you see. Each ball needs to start in a different place and they need to weave differently. Don't unwind the entire ball of yarn. As you finish with a ball place that ball in a basket where all of the balls can end up. When all of the kids get there bring them in and give each one of them a ball and tell them to wind the yarn back up. You might want to keep all the kids out side until everyone gets there. The house will look like a big spider web when ever you a finished weaving the yarn. This was a great hit at a friends house on her daughters birthday. (Liz)

Freeze Frame- The children dance to music, when the music stops the children must freeze. Who ever forgets it out. (Ronda)

Burlap Sack Race- Get sacks and have the children pick teams and race (hop) against each other. (Ronda)

Crocodile Race- Form a team of 4 - 10 players. Stand in a straight line behind a designated leader. Each player then puts their hands on the hips or shoulders of the person in front of them. Everyone then crouches down bending their knees down their heels. The newly formed "crocodile" then races against the other teams. You could race one way to end or have them race down the field and return. If the leader goes to fast the team behind will break up. (Ronda)

Special Activities

Play Clay- Recipe makes a clay that can be used over and over again. A child just learning how to make clay projects will love the soft and cooperative way this clay feels in there hands.

Materials: 1 cup flour; 1 cup water; 1/2 cup salt; 1 teaspoon vegetable oil; 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar; food coloring

Mix all ingredients together in a sauce-pan and cook over medium heat until the mixture holds together. Keep mixing or it will stick to the bottom of the pan. When the clay is cool enough to touch, your child can knead it on a floured board. This recipe has a long drying time and its easy to roll into balls and ropes. Sculptures will dry eventually. It takes 3-5 days for clay to dry. Store in an airtight container, this dough can last up to four weeks.

Ice Cream- Fill one quart size zip lock freezer bag with; 1/2 cup of Milk; 1 Tablespoon of sugar; 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. Fill a gallon size freezer bag with 8-10 ice cubes and 7 Tablespoons of salt. Seal each bag tightly. Place quart size bag into the gallon size bag. Wrap in a bath towel. Have your child hold one end and you hold the other and shake for about 5 minutes. Remove the smaller bag, open and enjoy. (Ronda)

Crafts/Party Favors

Here you will find some great Mothers day gift ideas!

Crafty Ideas for Clay Pots ~ There are several ideas.

1. Plant a flower. "A Mom's love helps us grow!"

2. Decorate with mini tiles.

3. Decorate with gem stones.

4. Make an animal or person by turning the pots upside down and decorating, painting, etc. If this sounds good, please e-mail us back for specific details. http://www.partybagsinc.com

Mother's Recipe Holder ~

Need: clay pots; paint; glue; Styrofoam; silk flowers; and a old metal fork.

Decorate pot with paint and write "Mom's Recipe Holder" on the outside. Cut a piece of foam to fit inside pot. Stick the fork into the foam with the prongs facing up. Then glue silk flowers around the rim and covering the foam! Put in your favorite recipe between the tines of the fork and Voila! - a recipe holder! Another great Mother's day gift.

Handful of Love for Mommy ~

Need: Construction Paper; Paint; Pipe Cleaners; Photo of Child.

To make a hand print Butterfly for Mommy...Have the child dip their hands in paint. Then place both hands near the top of the paper with thumbs about two inches apart. Then dip their hands in another color of paint and have their hands go in the opposite direction ( just below the other hands) with the thumbs about two inches apart again. Let hands dry and paint a body down the middle. Write "A Handful of Love for Mommy!" on the butterfly body and place a small picture of the child on it. Add pipe cleaners on the head for antenna. This craft makes a great Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Flower Pots ~

Need: Clay flower pot (any size); glue; sea shells; tissue paper; pipe cleaners; florist foam.

Glue shells to flower pot. Make tissue paper flowers, folding several layers of tissue paper accordion style, wrap pipe cleaner around middle of flower to form stem, pull layers of tissue apart gently to make the flower appear fuller. Insert florist foam into pot and insert stem of flower into foam. You can add Spanish moss to make pot appear fuller. You could also leave off the shells and simply paint the clay pots. Mothers love this idea.

Wheelbarrow Planter ~

Surprise your mother with this cute idea.

Need: Laundry detergent scoop; 2 plastic milk jug lids; 6" length of ribbon; potting soil; flower seeds; craft glue; water.

Glue a milk jug lid to each side of the scoop to form the "wheels". Allow the glue to dry. Tie the ribbon to the handle of the scoop. Fill the scoop with potting soil, and plant the seeds. Sprinkle the soil with a few drops of water. You can have the child make these planters as gifts.


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