Teen Girl Parties

Ages 10 and up.


Have a teen age girl? Having trouble planning a "cool" party for her? Well here are a few ideas that maybe she will like.

Girls in the kitchen

Party of Pampering

Dinning and Dancing

Girls night out

Mall Madness

Count down to sixteen

Girls in the kitchen

All young girls love to be able to get in the kitchen and cook. So that is why I think this will be a great party for girls 10 and up. I'm going to do with my daughter this year.


What you will need:

Invitations ~ You can print the invitations on recipe cards. Send an extra recipe card and have everyone bring a family favorite recipe from home that they can share.

A place to cook. ~ If you have a collage with cooking classes you can check with them and they may let you hold the cooking part of your party in the school cooking rooms. If not then your family kitchen will work fine or better yet a friends kitchen......{if you have a friend that nice :-) }

Someone to lead the cooking class. ~ You may want to do this your self, but I am going to try to find a chef or a student chef to show the girls how to cook somthing. This way I can enjoy the party to.

What to cook? ~ You will need to decide on something that will be easy for each girl to make. If you go with a chef, then they may have an idea of what you can do that each one of the girls can each cook. We have thought about individual cakes, pasties, or some thing on that line.

As for Party favors:

Paper chef hats

Mixing spoons

Measuring cups


Measuring spoons

Small cook books (You can write down the recipes that the kids bring from home in these books)


Party of Pampering

Treat the girls to an afternoon of pampering.

Invitations ~ When you send out your invitations attach a mini emery board to it. On the invitation tell each girl to bring her bathrobe or something comfy.

When they arrive ~ When the guests start arriving send each of them to a special room so they can change into their comfy clothes or robe. Offer them some juice or water and send them on to the pampering area.

Decorations ~ Have aroma therapy candles set all around, soft lights, music, teen magazines and flowers.

Activities ~ Have tables set up in different rooms or areas.

The first table would be for getting a facial while soaking their feet in a foot tub.

The second table would be for getting their hair done.

The third table would be for a manicure.

The fourth would be the finale touch "Make-up".

Take before and after pictures.

Have a movie room set up with some popular movies playing that you daughter has picked out.

Food ~ You can have trays with berries, carrots, nuts, crackers, finger sandwiches and stuff like that setting around in the movie room. You can also have bottles of water, juice and yogurt iced down in a tub or make a special punch and put this in with the food in the movie room.

Other Activities ~ you may also want to have a few game around for the girls to play. Monopoly, Girl talk, or a good round of Truth or Dare.

Party Favors ~ You could put a Mini nail polish, lotion, and a hair clip in a cute little bag.

You may want to call you locale Mary Kay rep. or Avon lady to help out with the party. They may also be able to give you some great party favor ideas.


Dinning and Dancing (Sweet Sixteen)

Here is an idea that I'm sure your little girl will love. If you want to go all out, rent a hotel ballroom or a lodge room, hire a caterer and a DJ, and invite all of her friends and family to a big formal dance party she'll never forget.

For those that don't want to go that far out then you can scale it down a bit and hold the party at home. If you have a big garage and it isn't July in Texas then you can turn your garage into your very own ballroom. Look in the yellow pages and you will find places that will rent ....

Dancing balls (disco balls)

Dance floors

Helium tanks

Stage lighting

Tents and canopies

Bar-B-Q pits on trailers

Bubble machines

Tables and chairs



Sound systems


Girls night out

Give your daughter a night out on the town with a few of her friends.

Rent a town car or a Lemo for a few hours. (Make sure you tell the driver what the curfew is for the girls to be home by.)

Make reservations at a nice restaurant. If the kids are old enough to out our on their own then pay for the meal ahead of time. Making sure to tell the girls what their limit is for spending on the meal.

Pick out a good move at the theaters for the girls to go see.


Mall Madness

Here is a true girls party idea. Tell the girls not to bring a gift to the party just the money they would spend and then take them to the mall to buy the gifts for the birthday girl. For a party favor just give a little money and they can buy their own party favor. Each girls can bring extra money to spend. What a time they will have trying on cloths, shoes, and what ever else they can find to get in to. This really should be a parent go along trip. If the Mall has an ice skating rink let the girls so ice skating.


Count down to sixteen

Invite all of her friends and family to witness this great time. Make a list of 16 things the birthday girl has to do before officially turning 16.

Examples are.....

Put oil in the car (if she will be driving soon)

Change a tire (if she will be driving soon)

Dance a waltz

Test drive the car of her dreams.

Set a formal table correctly

As a great gift idea take Polaroid's of everyone at the party and have them write some words of advice for a 16-year-old below their pictures. After the party, put them in a scrapbook so she'll always remember her special day.


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