Here is what we did for our party last year. If you are a first time room mom don't think that you have to do as much stuff as you will read here. I have a great school with a lot of moms and dads who love to help out and give what ever they can. So we tend to do a little more than what some may do. But I hope this will give you some good ideas.


Foods and Drinks

Mummy Dogs

Finger Cookies

Dracula's eyes

Putrid Punch

We put the punch in clear glasses and the food went on spider plates. We also folded orange tissue paper and placed it on top of their desks to make the plates stand out more.


We played the Spaghetti game.

Party Favors

I made Pumpkin baskets and filled them with....

Coffin 'O Candy, A gift from Mummy, Box of bones (candy), ghost sucker, popcorn gloves and extra candy.


For an extra touch we put dry ice in the punch, played haunting music and I dressed up as a witch; pale white face, green lipstick, gray hair wig, hat and all.

All of these things are on my Halloween site with complete directions. If you have any questions please e-mail me.