Hey I need your help!!! Send in your GREAT 50 party ideas.

The 50's


Hang 45s records from the ceiling with string.

Guys must wear jeans and t-shirts, and girls wear skirts

(have felt poodles to pin on their skirts), bobby-sox and

saddle shoes. Or wear leather and slick your hair into a d.a.

Obviously play 50's music.

Transform your party room into a soda fountain: buy an

inflatable jukebox, or fashion one out of cardboard.

GAMES This is a list of games to make your party more fun.

Have an Elvis impersonator contest.

Have a Best 50's Outfit contest

Have an Air Band concert to some old 50's songs - Air Band is where they

lip sing and use brooms for guitars and buckets for drums etc.

Do some 50's trivia.

How about a jitterbug competition?

If you can obtain pin-ups (photos) of 50's stars, like Doris Day, James Dean,

Marilyn Monroe, you could play Name That 50's star.

The children really enjoyed a hula hoop contest at our 50's party. Thanks Wendy


Serve ice cream sodas with 2 straws...have a 'create your own ice cream concoction' contest.

We served coca cola in mini coke bottles with straws. Thanks Wendy